Time to make a move.

If someone randomly asked you, “What is the one thing that you look for in a partner?” What would your answer be? I know the superficial ones would go on and on about this or that physical attribute while the more sober ones would talk of character among other immeasurable qualities but I would say, “Must love watching cartoons!” without batting an eye! Relax ladies and gentlemen, I have a perfectly good explanation to support my answer.

Cartoons have a way of cheering up even the most downcast soul without much effort. Comedy shows have nothing on cartoons. The former has potential to disappoint but the latter gives a sort of silent guarantee of laughter at some point in the show. Sometimes a verbal joke may get lost in the maze of ideas that is the brain while a visual one will b captured instantly. Senses make no sense sometimes. In my childhood I was a big fan of that famous cartoon Tom and Jerry that was rivaled only by Charlie Chaplin mimes. Let me save you the trouble of Googling that- Charlie was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame during the era of silent film. Imagine coming home all mad at each other then you slide into the VCR (it’s practically impossible to find it on DVD) a Tom and Jerry tape? The ice would have been broken to pieces right there! Now picture this: your spouse does not watch cartoons and that is the only card you have to manufacture peace  that evening? You, my friend would be toast! You would have no choice but to add flowers and chocolate to your already stretched budget to ‘buy’ some peace in the house. Seriously, life should be that easy but then again utopia is just a word.


We truly want peace and serenity in many areas of life not just marriage. One of the most confusing and mystified area is the area of credit transfers in cross-university education but worry not the Africa International University (AIU) has answered the cry of the masses. Here the process is straightforward. The God who hates dishonest scales (Proverbs11:1) and a lying tongue (Proverbs 6:17) guides our every move.  At AIU, we simply ask you to fill a Transfer of Credit Form attaching evidence of the credentials such as official Transcript and course syllabi, which would support such a request. The Head of Department and the Dean would then determine a suitable curriculum road-map prior to joining AIU.

However it should be clear that the transferred credits shall not be more than half of the credit hours in the AIU programme of study and although transfer credits are included in the total credits acquired, they shall not be computed into the student’s cumulative GPA.It is also important to know that such credits are not given from undergraduate courses towards postgraduate level courses but, in the same breath, applicants who have earned a Diploma recognized by AIU Senate, may earn credits towards AIU Bachelor’s degrees. Last but definitely not least, student shall be charged transfer of credit fees for initiating the credit transfer process. I guarantee you that this is the most direct Credit Transfer process you will find in any university in this region.

Karibu AIU!



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