Quality versus quantity

Last week we had a really perfervid discussion about the two major contenders in the race to statehouse and one thing was clear: people are willing to die for a cause they know little about. It is always wise to scrutinize the doings and sayings of politicians and take everything with a grain of salt. For many, the rhetoric of their favorites for the race is still music to their ears and has been for the last five years leading to the elections this month. There is nothing you can sanely say to these fellows to tone down their undying love for ‘their politicians’. The fact that many have never even met these demigods they have exalted and placed on the pedestal of their hearts not withstanding, they continue to fight for them tooth and nail.

I am personally of the opinion that these battle-lines that seem to be etched on the sands of time will slowly be erased come the next general election. “How so?,” you ask. Well, in the next general election, loyalties will shift towards self actualization and away from the alpha male  worship.  I say this predictably because, we have about 47 governors currently seeking re-election for another 5 year term. Remember, if re-elected, that will be their final term and all they can aim for now is the presidency. I doubt their egos can allow them to run for any ‘lowly’ seats like Member of Parliament, Senate or County Assembly after their stint in county ‘power.’ That will leave the electorate will compound the current presidential candidates to almost 20! At the polling station, five years from now, the voter will be handed a booklet of names and photos to choose from.

It will be more of a photo album than a ballot paper. Quality of candidates will completely be compromised by quantity. Confusion will ensue and many votes cast will be considered spoilt votes just by virtue of who they voted for! I really think there should be a fine imposed on those presidential bids that garner less than a hundred thousand votes. That will deter jokers led by their ego rather than a nationalism to submit their bids. I do not wish to dwell on the misgivings of an election that is half a decade away so I will just go on and wish the top contenders in this election a great time in their final rallies today. May the best man win.

Just like the scenario above, universities and institutions of higher learning have been cropping up day in day out. Many have escaped the keen eye of the Commission for University Education practically because they are in hiding. There are however a few universities that are steadfast on giving quality education and those have remained open to scrutiny by this regulator and have over time been ratified. Among the top of this cream is the African International University(AIU.) After getting a clean bill of health from the Commission for University Education, AIU continues to make strides in ensuring the maintenance of standards, quality and relevance in all aspects of university education, training and research at all its campuses against all odds. AIU also continues to mainstream quality assurance practices in university education by encouraging continuous improvement in the quality of  programmes offered at the university.

It is in this respect that the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is proud to be associated with this world class university. Over the years, since 2011, this governmental body has placed more than four thousand qualified Kenyan students in the university to undertake various programmes. These include but not limited to Education, Business administration, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Development Studies, Counseling psychology as well as accountancy and financial management. The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is a State Corporation established by the Universities Act, 2012 to, among others, coordinate the placement of Government-sponsored students to universities and colleges. Its other functions are to disseminate information on available programmes, their costs and areas of study prioritized by the Kenya Government; collect and retain data relating to placement to universities and colleges; develop career guidance and counseling programmes to benefit students and; perform any other function assigned by the Act.

It is against this backdrop of widely accepted excellence in learning that I invite you to be part of this one of a kind institution that delivers on its mandate. At AIU, what you see is exactly what you get.

Karibu AIU!


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