Quality versus quantity

There comes a time when truth has to be told.

Timonic humor

Last week we had a really perfervid discussion about the two major contenders in the race to statehouse and one thing was clear: people are willing to die for a cause they know little about. It is always wise to scrutinize the doings and sayings of politicians and take everything with a grain of salt. For many, the rhetoric of their favorites for the race is still music to their ears and has been for the last five years leading to the elections this month. There is nothing you can sanely say to these fellows to tone down their undying love for ‘their politicians’. The fact that many have never even met these demigods they have exalted and placed on the pedestal of their hearts not withstanding, they continue to fight for them tooth and nail.

I am personally of the opinion that these battle-lines that seem to be etched…

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