Still at it…

Earlier in the day, I was sited quietly dozing off on my seat despite the loud music blaring in this public transport vehicle when suddenly something hit me in the face causing me to jerk off my seat in alarm. Talk of a rude awakening; literally! Once I had settled back down, I noticed what looked like the government’s court of arms on the little red wraps at my feet. Upon close inspection, I realized they were condoms! They were clearly those free for all randomly distributed ones donated by the government to help in family planning and curb the spread of STIs…more specifically, HIV. I then got to wondering why anyone would see it fit to toss condoms in my face through the window of the semi-mobile vehicle. It bothered me a little more, not because of the mode of forcing them on me but rather the criteria they used to decide I needed them so desperately. Could it be my well-trimmed sideburns? My designer blazer? Or was it my obviously tired demeanor that passed me off as overly active in the field of coide.  Whatever it may have been, it got me thinking, how many people get teased, excluded, stereotyped or experience outright disrespect owing to their physical appearance, dressing, mannerism and/or preferences? In the year 2017, it is sad to think anyone should go through discrimination in largely cosmopolitan sections of the world’s population. With the advent of the inter-connectivity of the human race thanks to the internet and improved travel infrastructure, it is obvious that tangible cultural interactions must still play a role in promoting inclusivity and social integration.


It is against this backdrop that the AFRICA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (AIU) has set aside a cultural week in its calendar every year to bring together its fraternity and its neighbors and well-wishers to celebrate the diversity of the human race. As a Christian university the gospel of the Lord Jesus that commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves is highly regarded here. With over 32 nationalities represented in the AIU community, it is no wonder that the cultural week is one of the most colorful events of the year by any standards. During this event, students are engaged in a weeklong cultural ‘showbiz’ highlighting art, food, and clothing as well as cultural practices that shed light on our uniqueness as a culturally diverse people. All this in the light of the gospel that has transformed our needs and aspirations as people of different nations. Join us this week as we explore the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’

With the festival having taken off yesterday with a boom, you can bet it has maintained that momentum. Why take my word for it…come see for yourself and get to kill all the misconceptions you may have harbored about other people. From this festival, you will not only collect great artefacts but also a lot of agape inspired love to spread around – even through the widows of public transport vehicles. I am certain, you will grow so fond of the AIU community that you would want make a more permanent arrangement to be part of it whether as a student or as a sponsor of the many great research programmes found there.

For more information call +254 722 761930.